How too much Homework Undermines Learning

How does too much homework undermine the process of learning? Well just like when you go to work, if you have too much work to do at home, it just feels like you never are getting a break. You might enjoy your job, but if you are overworked, you never get to take a break from it, and you just feel like your job is overwhelming your entire life. You won’t like your job as much, and you might sour on your industry. If a child has too much homework, they might enjoy learning, but feel like they aren’t learning, but instead just doing a bunch of forced work.

If a child suffers from learning burnout, they might not want to go to school anymore. Obviously they don’t have a choice in the matter, but if they think that they are just being forced to do homework, they will see this as more work, and less about learning. If a child reads about dinosaurs on wikipedia, they might enjoy it because they do it on their own. However, if the teacher says to read an entire page on wikipedia, and then you have a test on it, a child might not want to do it. It isn’t fun if you have to do it in the eyes of a child.

Sure, there has to be some amount of homework every night, just to make sure that kids have a chance to practice what was taught that day, and will remember it. A few math problems, or a few pages in a book for reading helps the educational process. You can’t posisbly cover an entire book, and read it in class everyday, so the child has to assume some of that work. However, once you cross that threshold between practice and overwork, then homework loses its value.

If a child feels burned out, and doesn’t want to do homework, they will suffer in the classroom as well. If they suffer in the classroom, they will suffer from an educational standpoint. They won’t want to learn what is being taught, or at the very least won’t enjoy it, and will learn that teachers just give homework to be mean, and not to help them out outside of class.

Homework is a good tool for children to help them outside of class. However you have to keep it relative to the age group, and how long they could pay attention for. You aren’t going to give a first grader as much homework as a senior in high school, because a six year old won’t pay attention for that long. Also, the material being taught isn’t as complex, and it can be taught in school during the day.

Too much homework is not good for kids. It doesn’t allow for a school-life balance, just like too much work doesn’t allow for a work-life balance. You can’t work all day, especially if your just a kid. You have to let kids play, and have free time to do things that aren’t related to work, because they will have plenty of time for that when they get older.