How Traditional Memorization and Recitation Techniques help Students Develop Strong Cognitive

Being blessed with a photographic memory is a benefit for handling a rigorous academic curriculum, but acquiring an excellent memory from reciting select passages in the world’s classics or even the Bible will help any student develop strong cognitive abilities. 

Here’s how you can improve your memorization and recitation techniques toward developing stronger cognitive abilities:

(1.)  Practice reading a select passage from the world’s classics or the Bible everyday.  When you make reading your daily goal, you will not only develop sufficient reading skills, but your analytical skills will improve as well.  And here’s an even better proposition:  Memorizing a passage from Shakespeare or the Bible will increased those aforementioned skills as well as cognitive abilities tenfold. 

(2.)  Begin this reading and memorization regimen with those less-difficult passages of the aforementioned classics and Bible.  For example, In Shakespeare, you should begin with an easy-to-disciple passage that don’t require much agonizing over intricate material such as the scene in which Romeo and Juliet contemplate stealing away together.  Or; in the Bible, such as the twenty-third Psalms.

(3.)  It is always wise to have a study partner; or, in this case, a memory/recitation partner who can help you with your objective of developing those cognitive abilities.  You might want to begin this partnership off on the right foot by alternating the roles of  teacher/pupil.  Improving your memory this way will invite feedback from each of those aforementioned roles.

(4.)  Having the perfect place to focus on your chief objective will be a major factor as to how memory improvement.  You should set aside a place in your house; or, better yet, make arrangements with your local librarian if you are a student and is seeking a quiet place to do some after-school project.  I’m sure if you approach the librarian in a respectable yet professional manner she or he would oblige your concerns.

(5.)  Memory improvement takes time; anything desire don’t happened overnight.  You might end up having to stick to this regimen a whole year or maybe two; it all depends, on how dedicated you are to a life of academic discipline.  But if you continue and never give up, you will see mark improvements in your progress. 

Finally, having an improve memory and stronger cognitive abilities are as simple as practicing the aforementioned steps religiously.  And when you do, you can look back with a certain amount of pride knowing that you succeeded at this most important life endeavor to your future success as a student.