Humor Grade School Cafeteria Stories

This doesn’t really count as grade school but I was about three-four at the time at this pre-school. The reason being I’m picking this story is that this happened to be my funniest cafeteria story. I perfectly remembered this story because the outcome pretty much sucked for me. Now when I look at things I go, “aww man…” That’s how stupid I was. Then again, I’ve had a history of shyness ever since I was a little child because I didn’t know how to speak my first word until I was four.

Mainly I kept quiet and found other means to communicate. Basically at the school, there was an afternoon Thanksgiving meal before the Thanksgiving holidays. My mom was there at the school as well. They were eating in the cafeteria enjoying their Thanksgiving meal. Being the shy kid that I was hid inside the classroom. My mom dragged me out to the cafeteria but I ran back inside the classroom and hid. Not sure how long I hid, it was for a good hour at least. During that time, I didn’t even grasp the meaning of Thanksgiving let alone know what Thanksgiving was in the first place.

But the humor of it was when I finally got the courage to go back in the cafeteria, it was completely empty. My mom was there but everybody else was gone and all the food was gone too. Meaning all the turkey was gone, all the potatoes were gone, all the stuffing was gone, and most definitely all the pudding was gone. I didn’t know what they had until my mom told me a few years later. I could only grumble and dwell on that past event. The only thing that left was the milk which I ended up drinking.

So whenever I tell my friends this, they tend to laugh. They pretty much found that to be pretty freaking funny. In a sense it is funny and in another sense makes me grumble… Why did my shyness cost me good food? Anyway, this is technically my grade school cafeteria story.

I guess there’s one moral out of this, hiding out of shyness gives you nothing…absolutely nothing at all…