Importance of a Homework Space

What is wrong with setting your child down at the kitchen table to do his homework, or letting her sprawl out on her bed? Some homework spaces lack a sense of being organized. Organization is the key to effectiveness. The old adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place,” outlines the idea that an organized workplace or home lends itself to success. Children completing their homework after school use a lack of organization as an excuse to avoid finishing their assignments. A proper homework space will remove excuses and promote success for every student.

Where should it be?

The work area is important. A work desk, placed in a position where mom or dad can monitor, distractions are minimal, and the child can be comfortable is the beginning of the perfect homework space. Avoid areas where loud radios or televisions can be seen or heard or heavy traffic would make concentration difficult. The area should be well-lit. It is even better if there is a window that provides natural light for the child as he works.

What should it include?

Having all the necessary supplies in one place sets the tone for working. Inside the drawers of the student desk, place paper, pencils, pens, coloring tools, scissors, glue, and a pencil sharpener. If the student is allowed to use one, include a calculator. Protractors, rulers, and compasses are also useful tools to have on hand in the work space.

A small bookcase is another great addition for the homework space. On the bookcase, place reference materials such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedias. It also provides a space for the student to store his textbooks that he will be using that night. Provide space for his backpack as well. 

Because some homework requires research, a laptop kept in the top drawer is a perfect addition to the work space. Unless the desk is large, a regular PC will monopolize the work space. The laptop, when kept in the drawer when it is not being used, will keep students off of Facebook or game sites when they should be working. A printer should be conveniently located in the homework space if your child has to write a report or complete an other type of assignment that requires print-outs from the computer. 

Why is this helpful?

When a parent designates a homework space and couples it with a set time for the child to complete his homework, a tone is set about the importance of the child’s school work. The influence of the parent can be felt as the child finds himself in a setting the is conducive to work and contains all the necessary supplies to be successful. With the parental support a homework space displays, it impresses the value of doing a good job upon the student.