Importance of Dentalk Heath Education

Teeth are important, very important at even an early age. Many people do not realize this because baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth. Does this mean that young children can safely neglect dental care? No, because many of our patterns in life are set early in life and nutrition is always important, especially for the young! Thus a bulletin board using Dental Care as the theme can help children learn an essential skill that will make life easier as they grow older!

Dental themes for bulletin boards are easy to make and can be quite entertaining as well as educational.

Using a series of cartoon panels is one way. Start with a basic, dirty mouth and have teeth leaving the disgusting place! The teeth can then be seen in the next panel complaining about never being “petted” (brushed) and how their coats are all dirty and sticky. The “feet” (roots) were constantly sore and inflamed due to “vicious bacterial” that inflamed the gums. Next move on to what will make them happier, or make the next set stay in the mouth! Brushing regularly and massaging the gums. Using Mouthwash every day! The bulletin board may sound complex, and it can be, but it gets across and important concept and everybody loves cartoons!

If the cartoon idea is too complex, try something simpler. Just a mouth with a few teeth labeled with all the parts of the tooth and how each part is important; the crown, the heart and the roots. Then get advertisements for Dental Hygiene products such as toothpaste, dental floss and even toothpicks that help keep the teeth healthy. Don’t forget the gums, tongue and throat, mention how they can hurt not only the teeth, but cause bad breath as well! Also show a dentist and how he helps keep your mouth healthy.

You can always go to a dentist to get stuff to put on a dental health bulletin board. They constantly receive posters and drawings from suppliers, and most get thrown away. Put those on your board and then ask the children to make questions and give them to the dentist. The dentist even come talk with the class, and he can use the board as a focal point!

Starting dental care at an early age is important and using a bulletin board will help emphasize this. These are just a few ideas, now go generate some of your own!