Independence from Homework

Since kindergarten, every second of my potential free time has been spent doing homework. I, and all others who agree, believe this burden is simply unacceptable and inexcusable. For twelve and a half years I have struggled with this concept, despised it, but acknowledged it. For twelve and a half years homework has been there making a mockery out of things I am capable of doing better. However, I say to you, enough is enough. I am going insane, my brain is decaying. Homework cannot and will not be a part of my life anymore.

Five days a week, 180 days a year, I faithfully go to school. I study hard when I do not want to; I attend class when I am sick. After such a commitment what is my reward? Am I able to go home, kick up my heels and relax, like I deserve? No! All I get is homework. I spend hours at sports practices and try to impress my coach, try to do the best I can. But this is impossible; homework is burning a hole through my head. Tell me how this is just, for the evil ways of homework have made my life difficult in countless ways.

When I get home late from a basketball game I am forced to keep my weary eyes open and finish my homework. I assure you, this is opposite from what any health expert would advise. When I have absolutely no interest in the subject of my assignment I get no exception. When I miss a day of school for legitimate reasons homework is left waiting for me on my doorstep. When I would rather hang out with my friends, I have to maintain my grades. This completely destroys my social life. And lastly, when a time consuming project is laid upon my shoulders that will never prove useful to me during my life, I am not given mercy. This is none other than cruel and unusual punishment.

Because of homework I have lost an incredible amount of sleep. It has caused me to grow weary in the prime years of my life. My stress level has sky-rocketed, and my hair is gray. My skin is wrinkled, my bones are weak, and I cannot see straight anymore. Is this proper treatment for the youth of this great nation? I certainly must stop while I have the chance, before I become a monster, before I know nothing different.

I have explained what I sacrifice each day because of homework. I say let my time at school belong to the school, but let the time that I am at home belong to me. Unfortunately, I have tried to make this argument many times. I have dedicated years of my life to the cause, but authorities will not listen, they will not negotiate, they will not budge. This leaves me no further choice. I am willing to take drastic measures. Homework will no longer be a part of my life.

I am willing to risk my grades, reputation, and career to benefit this cause. I will prove that homework is not necessary to receive passing grades in classes, I will openly state my hatred toward homework, and my career will suffer because of it. If necessary I will even lay my life on the line. This is important to me and I hope and expect smart students like me will follow my lead. I have faith that one day my children will live in a homework-free world. I dream that in future years children will not comprehend the meaning of the word. From now on I am excited to play football on the green grass, sit on my soft couch and watch TV, hang out with my friends when I please, and fall asleep at night confident in my work. This is what I live for. Let today be the beginning of my freedom from the shackles of homework.