Is Greater Technology in Elementary School Beneficial

Yes, greater technology in elementary schools are beneficial for the following reasons: students can obtain more information with which to draw conclusions, technology is like a second and third teacher at the teacher’s disposal, students can interact with others thousands of miles away, and technology helps students build skills that they would not otherwise have gotten in a conventional classroom.

Students can obtain more information with which to draw their own conclusions.
The Internet has provided a great resource to aid students in obtaining information for class projects and reports. Writers from all over the world have contributed to this fund of knowledge, therefore students are no longer limited to encyclopedia based information. Using technology, students can access this information from the convenience of their own homes as well as at school.

Teachers have a diverse population in their classrooms, and sometimes meeting the needs of each child in a tailor made way is challenging. Using technology, teachers can feel like a second or third teacher is there to lend creative way of introducing topics and building upon those through experimentation, projects, games which enhance learning. While the teacher is working with one group who may be faster or slower, the other groups can work at their own rate using technology.
Teachers can therefore become more of facilitators helping students to grow in all subject areas. Technology is not limited to computers alone, but there are many programs and devices which enable students to work independently to achieve success in the classroom.

Using technology, students at any grade level can interact with others miles away on classroom projects, sharing opinions, and bonding into a community of learners. Distance learning and interactive classrooms are becoming more and more popular, and many of the kinks are gradually being ironed out so that this kind of learning runs smoother. Students in elementary school are very impressionable, and the interactive learning is stimulating and helps them to understand children of other cultures in a more meaningful way.

Because we are living in the age of technology, it is important that students have not only an awareness of the use of technology in education, but are able to
demonstrate how to use different types of technology to achieve the desired results in school and while doing their homework. These skills are vital today and will be needed in the future as they move on from elementary to secondary schools, and then from there to college and the workplace. Because we are living in a technology driven age and have a global economy, these skills are needed now and will be increasingly needed in the future. Yes, I firmly believe technology is beneficial in elementary school.