Is Homework necessary

Students who attend public and private school are often made to believe that attending school is their “job” and that school needs to be taken seriously.  Education is certainly important because it helps people to uncover what their strengths and weaknesses are.  Once people know what their strengths and weaknesses are, they have better ideas of what to focus on for their future careers.  Education can also help a person develop survivor skills.  Homework is not a solution to furthering education.  Rather, homework is a tool that many teachers use to get students to complete lessons that should have been taught during class. 

Students have priorities other than school.  In addition to attending school during the day, many children who attend school have interests that are important to them, such as scouts, soccer, piano classes, karate classes and more.  Besides their extra-curricular activities, children also have family members and friends that they should be spending time with after school.  Families should NOT have to be forced to spend less time together after school because of excess homework.  Too many parents today are strangers to their children because the kids are spending more time attending school and completing additional school work at home.  It is a parent’s job to work and provide for their children, and it is also a parent’s job to make sure that their children are not being overburdened with stressful and useless homework. 

In the year 2009, Tom and Shelli Milley signed a formal “no homework” contract with the Catholic schools that their young children were attending in Calgary, Alberta.  The Milley family stated to the media that the reason why they were insisting that their children not be assigned with homework was because the amount of homework they had been assigned was preventing them from improving their weak areas.  Tom and Shelli Milley also questioned the value of homework and saw it as busy work.  Ever since the Milley family won the battle against mounting homework, other Canadian families have debated on Internet media forums about the real value of homework.  Many people posted that they were in full agreement with the Milley family about homework being useless.  Other people posted that homework is good practice for students and indication of what students can accomplish in the future.  Because they took a strong stance against it and took action, homework may not be an issue for the Milley family, but homework is still very much an issue for many families around the world.

Homework is often tedious, repetitive, and undesirable to students.  If the point of homework is to inspire students to be proactive about learning and understanding their school work, assigning boring and unnecessary homework is not the best way to accomplish that.  It is doubtful that at the end of a person’s life, he or she will wish that they had completed more homework assignments.  The jobs to protect children and oversee that children are being educated properly belongs to parents.  Parents who have children who are attending school need to be proactive in making sure that their children are not being overburdened with too much homework from all of their teachers.  Stressful homework can lead to unmotivated, stressed out and depressed children who resent education instead of embracing it.