Is Recess an Important Part of Learning – Yes

In school, we learn about everything we need to learn, including how to socialize and make friends. While recess is not exactly a class, it is part of the school’s curriculum and it helps children of all ages get to know each other better. One of the ways that children learn while they take their recess is by talking to other children and even adults. Sometimes children take this time to ask their teachers for help in materials or subjects that they do not understand while in class. 

Recess is an important part of learning because it helps teach children everything that they need to learn when it comes to socializing and making friends. During recess, children are able to mingle and listen to each other, while at the same time eat and relax away from class. Since not every child is the same, recess helps every child find something that they are good at and begin to make friends together. One of the great things about recess is that it helps children that are shy or have a lot of problems making friends, make friends or get help making these friends. 

Many teachers and parents actually prefer if their children have longer recess because they see the changes that it makes in their lives, when their children have more time to talk to their friends. One of the things that most teachers see when it comes to children and recess, is that children are often calmer and even willing to learn more after they head out to recess. The reason why children are more willing and able to study after recess, is because they take out extra energy outside the classroom, and they also get to talk to their friends right before they head back to class. 

This is something that every parent and teacher is able to see when their children have recess. This is perhaps the most important part about school to children because they get to learn and see their friends too. Children do not learn by just being in a classroom, they also learn when they talk to their friends or meet new people that can eventually become their friends. Being in school for young children means a variety of things: meeting new friends, talking to old friends, and having fun alone. There are many reasons why recess is a great idea for children and why it should be considered part of the regular curriculum. Even if children do not get graded in this subject, it does not mean that children do not learn during this time.