Is the American Education System Taking Creativity away

Creativity is very important in the classroom and yes, states in America are taking this away. Kids need creativity to help retain the information they are supposed to be learning.
Because of budget problems plaguing most areas, music and art have been cut from the program. Not as many supplies are available to the teachers and many of them do not have the financial freedom to dig into their own pockets to buy the necessary items to give kids a creative learning environment. Tutoring and field trips are also being cut.
The teacher accountability reform has forced teachers to focus primarily on kids who are passing or probably will pass. They are not focusing on kids who are failing. Those kids are being left behind.
The strict guidelines that are in place now for evaluating kids on the amount of information they are retaining is creating a problem. Teachers are having to focus primarily on the subjects that are on the tests and not being allowed the time to teach anything creative.
Our kids are the ones hurting for this. There are so many different ways that kids need to learn. Kindergarten seems to start out fairly creative then it seems to dwindle from there. The older they get, the less creative their learning environment gets.
The way to supplement this is to provide a creative learning environment at home. When they get home from school, find out what their homework is and have materials available to go along with what they are learning. Many teachers now have websites that can tell you what they are learning in the class room. This is invaluable information and can help you get the things you will need at home to supplement the class room. Make up your own field trips as a family outing. Not only will the family have a great time together but the child will also get another perspective on what is being taught at school. Even if a child does not seem to need tutoring or help with his or her homework, he or she will benefit from your efforts to create as much creativity in their environment as you can.