Is your Childs Learning Style being taken into Account

Making Teachable Moments Happen Effectively: Learning Styles
How do you know what kind of learning style your children have? How do you help a child with different learning styles? Here are some hints and tips to know which learning style is dominant and how to help that child learn.
The Visual Learner
-enjoys reading/looking at books and pictures
-enjoys order
-can find things easily
-can find a page in a book easily
-enjoys working on puzzles
-is often quiet
-can picture things in his head
Tips for helping the Visual Learner
-Take away all visual distractions (clean up!)
-Work on one step at a time, multiple spoken directions will confuse the child.
-Write things down whenever possible
-Use color to organize information
The Auditory Learner
-talks a lot!
-tells jokes and stories
-can memorize easily, including all the words to songs
-remembers what is said to him
Tips for helping the Auditory Learner
-find a quiet place to work
-allow the child to read/study out loud.
-spelling words should be taught in the “Say-Spell-Say” method
-encourage spoken answers
-use a tape recorder to help with lecture notes/studying

The Kinesthetic Learner
-often moving
-touches everything
-can take something apart and put it back together again
-good at sports
Tips for helping the Kinesthetic Learner
-After an active time, have a “calm down” period of time
-Use a timer or clock to help cue how long a task should take
-Allow for “excess” movement as long as the task is completed
-Utilize activities that allow for movement
-Use manipulatives to help teach a concept (anything that a child can touch and move and manipulate qualifies as a manipulative.)
The Why: Children have different learning styles, and thus need to be taught differently. Use the tips above to help you know how to teach your children most effectively. Explain to them what kind of learner they are and how they learn best. Learning this information early on during the school years will be helpful when they are supposed to be doing homework and studying independently later in life.
Questions Kids Ask:
“What kind of learner am I?”
Answer: Use the descriptions above to help them find out!
“Why am I a (Visual, auditory, kinesthetic) learner?”
Answer: That is simply the way they learn best, and learning how to work within that learning style will allow them to learn and retain more information.