Lack of Parental Involvement in School


10) Teachers need help. There’s no way around it. Our teachers are overworked and overwhelmed and in need of our help. Even the smallest amount of help will make a difference. All parents should volunteer at least once during the school year.

9) School is a learning environment, not a daycare. Remember that even when they are at school they are YOUR children, take some responsibility in their education.

8) Be in the know. The more you volunteer, the more educated you are about what is going on in the school, who you children are handing out, and what important activities are upcoming.

7) Be an example. Show them the importance of education through your actions, not just your words. The more you do, the more importance you place on their education.

6) Kids copy what they see. You are raising future parents. Show them how important it is to be an involved parent by being one yourself.

5) Giving always feels good. You know the old saying, “It’s better to give than to receive”, it applies here too.

4) Money, Money, Money. School budgets are constantly being cut. You can help your school save money by donating your time, talent and treasure.

3) Who said it is better to be seen and not heard? Keeping yourself involved also gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion on school matters. If you don’t know what is going on, you can’t change something you don’t like.

2) Safety comes first. With all the violence in schools today, being an involved parent will allow you to keep up with issues and problems that make be bubbling under the service. The more you are at school, the more “in the know” you are. This translates to being better prepared for issues that might arise. Keep your ears and eyes open while at school and you’ll be surprised what you will find out.

1) Kids are only little once. Don’t miss this opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Kids won’t remember that toy you gave them, but they sure will remember the field trip that you you went on with them.