Lesson Ideas for Snow White and the seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a beloved story that can be useful in primary classrooms. Look closely at the story and you will find a multitude of ways you can incorporate the princess and her friends into your curriculum.

Oral Reading

Read the story, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” aloud to your students. As you move from situation to situation, ask your students thought provoking questions to bring out the lessons in the story. Lessons about vanity, acceptance, trusting strangers and helping someone in need are just a few of the lessons that can be drawn from Snow White. 


Encourage students to read the story. There is an on-line version that removes anything unacceptable to classrooms on School Express. Students can click and read their way through the story here. 


Creating problems, both written and oral, that are based on the story. Story problems can be embellished with elements of the story. For example: If Sleepy, Doc and Dopey have left for work, how many more dwarfs are still at home. The story can also be used to teach measurement, greater than or less than as well as addition and subtraction.


Read the story to the students. Have them write a short story that tells what happened before the story started or what will happen after the story ends. Encourage them to illustrate their stories.

Another option for writing: have students change the ending to the story. What if Snow White had rejected the apple? What if she had destroyed it? What if her step-mother changed her mind about Snow White?

Use Snow White to teach basic editing skills. Give the students a paper with a section of the story containing errors written on it. Let students work in groups to edit the paper.


Provide the students with the opportunity to turn the story into a play. The teacher can supply the students with the dialog or the students may be allowed to create their own versions of the play. Think creatively. The use of puppets, costumes or claymation are all ideas that will give the students an opportunity to be creative.


Teach the students the songs they hear in the Disney version of “Snow White.” Perform your plays and the music for parents during a parent day or open house program.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are developed when students practice simple things like coloring. Provide the students with color sheets that captivate the different scenes in the story. 

Stranger danger

When Snow White accepts and eats the apple from the old woman, she has broken a rule for personal safety. Talk about stranger danger, watch videos and discuss what Snow White should have done. Let students create personal safety posters using Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs unto the words or pictures.


Use the story to engage the children in the elements of friendship. Find ways that the dwarfs show they are true friends and then discuss the ways Snow White not only expressed her appreciation of their friendship, but what she also did to be a good friend. Make a wordle poster for the kids expressing all their ideas of true friendship.