Literacy Ideas for the Gingerbread Man

Run, run, fast as you can, teach your students about the gingerbread man! Your young students will enjoy these literacy activities as they enjoy the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man.”

Craft stick puppet show

Read the kids the story. Then provide them with paper gingerbread man characters that they can cut out and color. Glue each character on a different craft stick. Put them in small groups and let them retell the story using their puppets. Click here for puppets you can download. 

Gingerbread theater

Some students are more theatrical than others. Use this free download of face masks. Let your students work out a skit based on the gingerbread man story.

Story order

Give each student a set of cards depicting the story. Ask students to put the cards in the correct order, according to the story. Once they have them in the correct order, let them tell you the story.

Gingerbread man Bingo

Teach your students the vocabulary words to this story by playing a game of Bingo. Use the free card generator found here to customize the cards. 


There are many versions of the gingerbread man story. Start with the classic story. Then add others, such as ‘The Gingerbread Baby’ by Jan Brett, to the mix. Talk about how they are different and how they are the same. Let the kids act out the new story using masks of Jan Brett’s characters that are found here. Another fun choice to compare is ‘The Gingerbread Cowboy’by Janet Squires. Of course, the story basics are the same, but the contrast is fun.

Grammar man

Have each of the students design their own gingerbread man. The gingerbread men can be paper or real gingerbread cookies. Ask them to write words that describe their man. Tell them to write words that tell what their man can go. Have them use their words to describe the gingerbread man and tell what he can do.

Shape writing

Give each student a paper with the outline of a gingerbread man on it. This lined paper is perfect to use when writing about the story. It also goes well with the grammar man activity.

Class story

Read your kids the book, ‘The Cajun Cornbread Boy,’ by Dianne De Las Casas. Then, have your kids write their own version on a gingerbread-like story. Write the words on plain pages. Have kids draw the illustrations and turn it into a class book. Once it is over, read the book to your class. Make the book sturdy. Laminate all of the pages. 

There is a lot of fun to be had with ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ Use it to teach literacy to your students.