Magazines for Young Readers

What better way to encourage young readers to read more than with magazines that are fun, engaging and even educational? Luckily, there are dozens of magazines to choose from in a variety of subjects designed with young readers in mind. Many of these magazines are on the best sellers list and very popular with young readers.

National Geographic Kids (ages 6-14)

National Geographic Kids is the best-selling magazine for kids. It has a wide range of topics that young readers find engaging and interactive. Some of the topics included are science, culture, technology, world events, entertainment, and much more. There is also a section filled with puzzles and games. A subscription costs $15.00 a year and your child will receive 10 issues.

National Geographic Little Kids (ages 3-6)

Another magazine that National Geographic publishes is designed perfectly for preschoolers. Although the little kids don’t realize it, this magazine was designed by educators to maximize their learning potential. Each magazine is packed full of stories, games, puzzles, and more to get them on a fun fast-track to learning. A subscription is $15.00 a year with 6 issues published.

Highlights (ages 6-12)

Highlights magazine has been around for decades. This is another magazine that is designed to make learning fun. Although the games, puzzles and hidden pictures are always a favorite among kids, they also enjoy the science experiments that come with each issue. Each issue also includes fiction as well as non-fiction stories that will not only entertain them, but improve their reading skills. For an added dose of fun, they also include jokes and riddles for them to try out on their friends.

Highlights magazine is published each month. They have three subscription plans. You can buy a one-year subscription for $34.44. A two-year subscription is $57.12, and a three-year subscription is $78.84. The longer your subscription, the more you save per issue.

High Five (ages 2-6)

Highlights magazine has a newer magazine specifically designed to encourage your preschooler to learn. It is called High Five. High Five encourages kids to explore their world through activities, games, puzzles, and more. It also includes several stories designed for parents to read aloud and introduce or help build reading skills in the younger age groups. Your preschoolers vocabulary will increase, as well as their critical thinking skills and life skills in general with each High Five issue. The subscription pricing is the same as their ever-popular Highlights magazine.

American Girl (ages 8-12)

If you have a daughter or know someone who does, then you are probably aware of how popular the American Girl books, dolls and movies are. Well, now they also have a magazine that has joined the best sellers list. Each magazine is packed full of stories, advice specifically for girls, and even craft ideas. They also include tips on hair styling, recipes that are age-specific, and so much more. For a one-year subscription with 6 issues it is $22.95, and a two-year subscription with 12 issues is $37.00.

Discovery Girls (ages 7-12)

Discovery Girls tackles several issues young girls are faced with today. Aside from advice and articles on health and beauty, fashion and games, Discovery Girls also has quizzes, contests, giveaways, and so much more. They also encourage young girls to speak out on important issues. A one-year subscription comes with 6 issues at $19.95, and a two-year subscription comes with 12 issues for just $10.00 more. As your child enters into the middle school years, they also offer a magazine specifically for middle school girls at the same subscription price.

Sport Illustrated Kids (ages 9-12)

At number-three on the best sellers list, Sports Illustrated isn’t just for adults. They have a Sports Illustrated specifically designed with kids in mind. If you are trying to get your sports-oriented child to come in and work on their reading skills, consider giving them a subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids. Each issue contains various articles on their level that will help keep them up on what’s going on in the sports industry. Every issue also includes a poster, cards, sports trivia, puzzles, and much more. For $24.95 a year, your child will receive an issue each month.

Zoobooks (ages 6-12)

Zoobooks have been bringing animal facts to life for many years that are easy for children to understand. Each issue focuses on facts about one animal through easy to read information, diagrams, illustrations, and pictures. There are also games and activities relating to the animal featured. For 10 issues a year, the subscription price is $29.95.

Zootles (ages 2-6)

Zoobooks also publishes a magazine for even younger readers just beginning to read. Zootles still works much like Zoobooks, but it brings it down to their level. Aside from facts and pictures, it also includes a story that parents can read to the child or help the young reader read him or herself. The subscription prices is the same, except there are only 6 issues published a year.

Ranger Rick (ages 7 – 14)

Ranger Rick has been around since 1967 and is published by the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF). What better way for the younger generation to learn about animal and environmental conservation than a magazine created just for their age group? It received the Parents’ Choice Gold Awards in 1999. Young readers will learn facts about animals and the environment through activities, games, riddles, and much more. The yearly subscription rate is only $19.95 for 10 issues a year. All of the money is donated to NWF.

Your Big Backyard (ages 4-7)

Are you looking for the Ranger Rick experience for the younger age group? Consider Your Big Backyard, which is also published by the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF). Activities, games, stories, and more are packed into each issue, bringing the world to life for the younger generation. The subscription pricing is the same as Ranger Rick and the money for the subscription goes to help the NWF.

Cricket Magazines

Cricket publishes several types of children magazines each year. They have magazines about various science, short stories and poems, history, and much more. They have five age group categories to choose from which are 6 months to 3 years, 3-6 years, 6-9 years, 9-14 years, and teens. Each category has several magazine types to choose from. Subscription rates vary depending upon which magazine you want to receive.  

New Moon (ages 8-12)

New Moon is a magazine for girls. This isn’t a gossip magazine. Nor will you find hair or makeup tips. This magazine is about empowering the young minds of girls. They also focus on teaching young girls how to be a vital member of the community. It also includes a short story, poetry, and much more. For $34.95 a year, your child will receive 6 issues published every other month.

Most magazines for young readers are engaging and educational. They are also fun. Young readers will not only be excited about receiving mail on a regular basis, but also enjoy the relaxation of being able to read magazines that are fun, which will be a break from reading what the schools require of them. Reading will no longer seem like a chore, and their reading skills will improve in all areas of their life.