Making a Homework Schedule for your Child

Some students need no guidance to settle down and focus on their required homework assignments, but other students may need a bit of coaxing to reach their goals because of their age, or outside distractions.  If your child does need guidance, you can be a very big help by setting up a homework goal schedule to help him complete his work.

Many schools will send home a homework guide sheet each day to remind each student  what to read, which page to start at, and what questions they must answer.  You and your child should choose the right time each day to complete each assignment.  Some students will like to take a break right after school, then go directly to do their homework.  Others will prefer to play outside, then start on their homework afterwards.  Some students will even put it off till after the dinner hour, then buckle down to complete their work.  Whichever time is best, you both need to post a goal schedule on the ice box to check off each day completed assignments.  Each child will be thrilled to show off all the work he has done!  Remember to go slow, and be sure to let your child do all his work himself.  You are only there to guide him and not do it for him.

Choose a special, quiet place to do the homework assignments at each day.  Focusing on each subject fully is very important.  You can guide your child through the study sheet and help check off the work he has done.  You are there to make learning more fun and to encourage your child to continue smoothly through all assignments.  Tell him you are so proud of all his hard work.  If your child tends to wander off from his studies,  be sure to remind him of all the teachers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors that had to stick to doing their homework assignment to get to their jobs today.  This will  encourage him to return to focus on his homework.

After all the required homework is completed,  go to the ice box and cross off each subject and be sure to tell your child what a good job he has done.  Your child will be amazed at how fast time goes by as he sees the subjects being checked off each day.  Your good encouragement will keep him on the right track as he will realize he has taught himself to complete tasks.  This will boost his self confidence and motivate him to do more homework the next day.  Be sure to reward big test days with a favorite dinner, or a favorite movie.  He will realize that you also admire him for his accomplishments.

The homework phase of education is a very important part of learning, as this will bring out the feedback of your child, and also prove a very valuable asset to his lifetime education.  The child will realize as he moves through all his assignments, of the teaching process and will respect books, teachers, and homework better.  He has learned to pay attention in class, take home the required assignments, do the work, and now has realized he has taught himself how to learn smoothly.  This is the building block of the learning system and will guide him through high school, and possibly on to college.  He has learned to make plans, goals, and use check off lists well. Remind your child how many long hours you had to put with your homework to advance to your career today.  This will add to his reflection.

All the hours spent together helping to guide your child, allowing time, setting aside a quiet place, and discovering new learning skills, will prove to be a great asset  to your child.  Different subjects will be learned on which are his favorite, and which he does like much.  Favorite subjects can sometimes lead to choice careers or hobbies, like rock collecting, coins, wood working, writing and literature.  These discoveries can be shared together,  as the child grows and  forms a great leaning pattern towards his future.  His learning skills towards maturity, self awareness, and  favorite interests will be his rewards as he learns how homework can be his valuable tool in his future.