Making Reading Enjoyable

For those who are reluctant against sitting down and actually enjoying a book rather than feeling like it is for a school assignment, I have some tips. I am an avid reader. I love to read. I haven’t been able to sit down and enjoy a book in some time because I am always making excuses; I am tired, I have no time, I’ll forget what I read by tomorrow morning, the excuses are endless. But, I always know, that once I am enticed into a book, it is extremely hard to put it down and finish my daily duties. You can make reading enjoyable by literally recreating the words and actions in your head. If you don’t catch it the first time, start the sentence over and read at least another paragraph. Sometimes reading on helps you understand more of what happened and what the author was trying to say. Picture the characters, the weather, the kitchen or wherever the author has placed the story. Hear the people talk, see their hand gestures and imagine their facial expressions as you are reading the story.

When it is a boring book, yeah, I get its hard to stay interested. That’s the issue though. If you are not interested in that book, why are you reading it? If you are not fully entranced let’s say, by the third chapter- then this book is not for you. There is no sense to continue reading in something that doesn’t interest you or spark your mind. It is just a waste of time to try and make yourself become interested because your mind will drift while reading and will take you that much further from understanding what the author is trying to portray. So in that case, get another book. Find books that have the same plots and themes that you enjoy. Read out loud. Adjust your voice to adhere to the characters personality, scream it the author says the character screamed, whisper if they say whisper. See if someone wants to tag team the book with you and read aloud to each other. Read a book that is similar to your own current life situation and find relevance and similarities. There are endless things you can do to make reading interesting but it really is all up to you. You are either going to enjoy it, or not enjoy it. You are going to want to live the life the characters have, or you are going to want to take a nap after. Make it worth it. Don’t spend a week reading a book that you know you will hate by mid-point. Love what you are reading. Before you get past the first chapter, you should know that you will want to read this book again.