Motivating children to do their homework

Getting your child to do their homework can be a battle. After being at school all day, the last thing a child wants is to come home to do more work. However, homework is important, as it goes over the work your child is learning in school to see how much is being learned. This is a good way for teachers to access the level that their pupils are at. Getting your child to complete their homework to the best of their ability in a timely manner can be achieved with a little know-how.

How to get children to do their homework:

Get into a routine

An evening routine is important to allow your child to become accustomed to what is expected of him or her. Once a routine is established and set in place, your child will become more compliant and get into the habit of doing what is required in the evening. A set routine from the time you get in until bedtime needs to be figured out and followed. This allows a much calmer and more efficient use of time. A set amount of time needs to be allotted for homework to ensure it is completed on the day it is given.

Routine breakdown

Have time when you get in from school for a rest, a drink and healthy snack. This allows time to energize and recuperate after a long day. Next, the homework should be tackled before you child gets too rested and switched off. Set a time for the next activity and have it on a timetable for your child to see. The following activity needs to be enjoyable and appealing for your child to want to complete his or her homework. After the fun activity set some time for a quiet activity to follow to quiet down. Give 30 minutes to get ready for bed and say goodnight.

Homework area

A good way to ensure your child is productive is to have an area in the home that is set up for doing homework. A desk that is big enough to complete homework in a quiet area away from distractions such as television is best. Keep the area clean and tidy to be conducive to working. Have all the necessary supplies and good lighting. The homework space should be for just that, homework. Find a space that works well for your child and provide the stationary supplies that are needed.

Having an evening routine set in place allows your child to know what is expected of him or her after school. Look over what homework has been issued and leave your child to concentrate, and only give assistance if needed. Check over the homework once complete to ensure that no shortcuts have been taken and that the work is complete. Be proud of the effort and never show negativity towards the work, as this can be very discouraging. Homework can be a normal part of the evening routine, making it possible to achieve in a fuss-free way.