Multiple Intelligence Spelling Lessons

Rote memorization is not the best way to memorize spelling words. Give your children multiple ideas and methods they can use to learn their spelling words this week. Help them find ways that suit their learning style.


The spatial learner learns well when he can visual the lesson. Pictures, diagrams and other visual representations inspire the learning process. Give them spelling lessons that incorporate spatial experiences. Use multiple colors. Divide the word into syllables, using a different color for each syllable. Another practice plan for the artistic learner is to have students turn the words into pictures that define the words. Let them write the words on graph paper, creating their own design with the words. Create word shapes and fill in the words or write the words and draw the shape. 


Movement is what allows the kinesthetic learner to connect with the materials. Have students stand up and do exercises, like jumping jacks, while spelling their words. Let them pace off the words while walking back and forth in the back of the room. Allow the kinesthetic learner write the words in the air with sweeping movements of her arms.


Make spelling logical. Divide the words into syllables. Teach students the rules that apply to their spelling words. Group the words into word families.


Put a tune to information and the musical learner will pick it up quickly. Just like the song B-I-N-G-O, spelling out the words in the form of a song will help students remember how to spell them. Pick a tune the students already know and add your own lyrics. Chants and rhymes are other ways to adapt the lessons to this multiple intelligence.


What better way to learn words than with words! Give the students a piece of paper divided into four sections with a small rectangle in the center of the page. Write the word in the center square. In one square, have them write the definition; in another square, write the part of speech. In a third square, write synonyms and antonyms and in the final square, draw a picture of the word.


Students love working together. Spelling bees, Hangman and other learning games that require teams will help students learn their spelling words. Pantomime in another good game that students love playing with their words.


The Internet has made many opportunities for students to learn their spelling words. There are many sites, such as Spelling City, that allow a student’s own words to be added to the game. They can practice the words in many different ways.

There are many ways to bring fun to spelling lessons. Choose the ones that excite each of your students. It isn’t necessary for all of the students to practice the same way. Give them options and let them enjoy their lessons.