November Bulletin Board

November can be a dreary and difficult month. The fall leaves mostly fell during October and the weather is generally damp and rainy, not quite cold enough for snow. Except for the evergreens, such as Holly, cedars and pines, the countryside is brown and muddy. Maybe that is why hunting is so popular in November, no one else is out in the forests. So what is a good theme for a November Bulletin Board?

One could try a hunting theme, but rather than hunting with guns try hunting with cameras, photographs of all the animals one can see in November! This is easy with digital cameras and cell phone cameras every where. Have every student take a photo of some where or something that the mainly see in November, and anything is fair game. It may be a turkey in the woods or a football game, but everybody will see something. The pictures can be downloaded on the school computer and then printed out as large as possible.

At the end of November, the photos can be taken off the board and the students write something about them. It will be a memory that they can take home and, if they are American, show the family at Thanksgiving! If the budget allows, a CD of all the photos could be made and given to each child.

Thanksgiving is another bulletin board theme for November if you live in the United States. Put up a sketch of the Mayflower anchored in a bay, add in pilgrims mixed with a few American Indians and the board is there! You could also get the children to write descriptions of what they think is happening, why it was in November, and what they are planning to do.

If school regulations allow, you could get the children to write how they are planning to spend Thanksgiving in their home. Will it be a family get together and big dinner. Maybe they will go to watch parades or sports on television. Some families go on trips, either locally or even overseas. For many it is the start of the shopping season and they head to the malls. It is a good writing assignment as well as gives information for the bulletin board.

November, not a very exciting month until the very end, but it does pick up at the end, and then you get into December. With Christmas holidays, snow and New Year’s Eve, a bulletin Board for December should make up for November!