October Bulletin Boards

October in the Northern Hemisphere is one of the best months. It is the time of fall, with leaves changing colors and pumpkins ripening in the fields. The weather is getting a bit nippy and cool, but sill nice and American Football is in full swing. Time to change the bulletin board to match the month!

Gold, orange and brown are a good start colors with a bit of red and some yellow thrown in on the side, make the board all leaves, but paper leaves rather than real ones or you mighty some uninvited guests in the classroom. Create a fall scene for the month of October with the brightly hued trees, perhaps a nice mountain view. This is the simply base to get started. Now get the students involved!

Have the children add in the animals and people. They should not only exercise their artistic skills, but practice a bit of literary license and write down what the animals are doing. Is the bear looking for a place to hibernate? Could the squirrel be hiding nuts? Owls actually build their nests starting in October. What are the raccoons, skunks, deer and foxes doing. It will be interesting for the students to find out!

In your mountain retreat, you should have a cottage or village, then people can be included, and since it is October, there should be pumpkins ripening near the houses. They can either be for making jack-o-lanterns, Halloween is the last night of the month, or for cutting up and cooking into pies! The villagers could even be playing a fall sport.

And since Halloween is the last day of October, cut out some ghosts, witches and goblins that you can slip onto the board as you leave class on the 30th. They can be waiting for the children the next morning. Try to throw in creatures from several cultures and see which are recognized. It is fun, educational and entertaining for everybody, and isn’t that what school is all about, including the bulletin board!

If you want to skip the Halloween part due to religious principles, have the community doing a harvest day. Those occur in October as well. It was a time when the crops had been harvested and yet winter had not arrived. Everybody ate well and people rested and, yes, played games. No jack-o-lanterns, no ghosts, but you can still have the pumpkins and animals.

Use the imagination, October is a great month for bulletin boards.