Online math games for primary school kids

Many parents could pass for a Twilight vampire when the words “I have maths homework” pass from their offspring’s mouths. Granted, there is the odd parent who has always been a mathematical genius – but odds are that their child will not need the help. No, it is the children of mere mortal parents who need support and mathematics, even at a primary level, has changed and developed considerably over recent years.

So here are some tips for helping children to not fear maths as many adults do. A quick cup of tea or coffee to settle the parents’ nerves and then one brief entry into the search engine brings up many thousands of online math tutorials, many of which are suitable for younger children. The following websites will take you to some of the many primary maths games available online:

Many UK parents may already know of this site, BBC Bitesize not only covers primary age subjects but secondary as well. They have science, literacy and numeracy sections. As well as maths games the site has revision pages to help remind you and your children how to carry out many different mathematical techniques. There is barely a topic not covered so try – Colourful, simple to use and navigate and tries to present the games in a way which will appear to the young child. – Sign in as your gender and grade level and complete games individually or complete the maths arcade board game, move around the board and complete games when you land on the appropriate squares.

For a more traditional approach where the games consist of 20 questions and countdown techniques you and your child may prefer to try This website is again sorted in grade level order and the user can select from learning, practicing and playing sections. – This site has very clear and interactive games for your children to practice their skills. The only down side to this site is for anyone outside of the UK the money games will not be relevant as they deal in pounds and pence. All of the other categories will be relevant however and they are very attractive and playable games.

So have fun and explore these sites with your children. they are just a few of the many online math games available; however they cover a large amount of information, topics and skills. You never know, you may discover a latent love of maths on your travels with  your kids!