Organizition is a Helpful Tool

Teaching a child to be organized is truly one of the greatest gifts we can give them. There won’t be a time in their life when they are not promoted because they were too organized. They will never lose money because they were too organized. Since homework has to be done it is a great tool to learn organization.

Organize time
*Set a consistent time for homework
This probably won’t be the same time for every child. If the child is a morning person getting up 30 minutes early to do homework may be the best option. If the child has interesting eating habits those need to taken in consideration. Work together to come up with the best time to work productively.

*Establish a calendar
Nothing is worse that leaving a project till the last minute and hoping it will turn out great. Make sure all the projects and due dates are on the calendar so all the work is done in a timely manner.

If the child is very young and has goals like reading with a parent and practice math skills a chart may serve better than a calendar. Mark off progress with sticker and give rewards.

*Control the outside  influences
Make sure that the time is respected. This may mean turning off the phone and the television. This may mean others in the house need to be away from the homework area. 

Organize tasks
*Break down big projects
Teach the child how to break down large tasks into something that can be managed. If there is a report due in two weeks break it down into research, outline, rough draft, edit, final paper. Spread out the project and make it manageable.

*Evaluate what needs to be done first

Sequencing is a part of learning. It is important to help the child learn how to prioritize and sequence assignments and information.

Organize tools
* Have all the proper supplies in one place

The last thing we need during homework time is a child wandering around looking for things. Have the basics all in one place so there is no need to go searching for a pencil, paper, calculator, and other basic items.

Before the child is seated look and see what extras may be needed for this session and make sure to get them out before homework time begins.

*Create a clutter free environment

Stacks of paper,books and general messes do not help clear the mind and prepare for work to be done. Help the child learn that keeping a tidy area helps to get the work done quicker and better. Food is not a part of homework time. It should be before or after the event. No messy spills and crumbs need to be turned in.

It is all about common sense. Give the child a quiet and prepared area to get the work done.