Overcrowding in Elementary Schools

The NEA has a tight grip on the education system today. A failing occupation by any standard. They hide their failing teachers behind tenure and public outcries of not enough pay or benefits. They pat themselves on the back for not being as bad as the next county or state, like John William Gacy defending himself by saying he is not as bad as Hitler. A Los Angeles Times article once touted the success of a reading program that cost 10 million dollars and in one year had increased the reading percentage 10% in one district. Oh, can I get shout out!

But what of the good teachers. Believe it or not there are good teachers with traditional values in the public school system. They strive to teach students the three Rs but constantly find themselves running up against the liberal NEA and their lackeys in the local school system. The agenda they push is more social engineering than education.

Main streaming is one of the best examples of the worst kind of social NEA agenda. They pushed upon teachers the idea that children who learn slower than others will feel bad about themselves if they are segregated. Kids who learn faster will be looked upon differently from their peers if they are segregated. So the great and powerful NEA decided to bring all these groups together. Result, most elementary schools with over crowded classrooms now have several different reading and math levels in each class. A teacher is tasked with not only developing lesson plans for each level but keeping the other levels happy and quiet while working with the other levels.

Te inevitable happened and parents of the fast learners began screaming their child was not being challenged enough. The parents of slower kids complained their kids were not getting the one on one attention they need. Those caught in the middle, the average students, were left out and thus our test scores have plummeted.

Corporal punishment is another issue. Due to schools becoming scared of lawsuits they have ended paddling as a consequence of bad behavior. We can debate having your child “spanked” by another adult but the erosion of school discipline isn’t debatable. In the seventies and eighties teacher’s biggest issues were chewing gum, small fist fights and talking in class. Now teachers in even elementary grades deal with threats from students. Simply because we have removed the teacher’s authority. They can’t punish, exhort, or force in any way kids to behave. And the kids know it. You can’t even threaten to send them to the office or detention! What we know of as dentition is now called an “opportunity room.” Because we don’t want the kids to feel bad about their bad behavior.

Good, traditional teachers are caught up in all this. They strive to do what they set out to do, teach. They have no interest in building a child’s ego through false grades (grades that are boosted by “participation grades” or the “effort grades”). They don’t see the benefit of using class time to discuss anti-smoking efforts. They just want to teach.

When we hear politicians (even W) discuss holding teachers accountable, rooting out the bad and testing as a way to judge teachers. What this has caused is the further removal of teacher authority in the classroom opening them up to criticism by parents and built in excuses for why kids fail. The out cry of failure and programs to solve te issue creates a bigger beaucracy over and over. Problem is that the very institutions that cause hard working traditional teachers to struggle are the judges. So what happens to these teachers?

They run. They run to private schools which consistently out test public schools, and, by the way you’ll never catch a NEA member comparing their successes against those of private schools. Other teachers just run to other occupations.

“The teacher shortage is a symptom of the teacher retention problem. One-third of new teachers leave the profession within three years and almost one-half leave within five years” NEA website

What happens is that when the good teachers leave because they simply are not allowed to do the job they were trained for the void must get filled and it is being filled with unqualified bad teachers. These bad teachers become NEA members, have sex with students and the cycle continues.