Parents Belong in the Classroom

This is my dream come true. In fact, in my perfect world, parents introduce the concept of homework long before the children enter my classroom. Before they ever start school they do something called homework every day and when they get to my classroom things just get easier for everyone.

Here’s how it works. When you are doing you chores with your toddler you label it homework and you make it successful and fun. Separating laundry with loud applause each time the clothes hit a basket of hamper. Keep it short and make it often.

“Let’s do our math homework. Get the M&M’s. We are going to put 3 in each cup and share them with our friends.”

“It’s time to do our spelling homework. See this is your name. Shall we put it on your plate? Where else shall we put your name?”

This seems simple but the approach is perfect. Then when they get homework from school you are already used to doing it together and the experience being a good one. Let the teacher know how you have prepared and they will become more creative and bump up to the challenge.

When the student, parent and teacher can all set a common goal there can be nothing but a degree of success. I believe it. I teach it. I share it. Share your successes and we will make a difference together.