Parents can Stop this from being a Problem

Homework can never harm a child as long as the parents, the child and teacher are working together as a team. Open communication is the one thing that can protect a child from this happening.  Let’s take a look at some homework solutions.

*Alert teachers of specific time restraints
A teacher can not change every lesson plan for one child, however a teacher can make some changes that might help every child with busy schedules.  

Introduce “car” work.  These are simple exercises that can be done in the car on the way to soccer or piano lessons.  It may be as simple as practicing math facts or spelling words.  A parent just takes a minute to sign off that there was practice and reinforcement of class work.

*Use parent passes
Ask the teacher about parent passes.  These are passes sent home that the parents can send back.  It “buys” the child some extra time to finish an assignment.  Of course, there needs to be a limited number of passes.  It is important to understand sometimes homework is not the most important issue every evening.

*Exclude the child from homework negotiations
Neither a teacher or a parent should put a child in charge of negotiating homework. If a parent sees too much work coming home, they need to address the teacher and not the child.  If a teacher sees the need for a child to have extra help at home, they need to address the parent, not the child.  Reasonable adults solve the issues and teach respect to the children.

*Education is a team sport
If there was one concept that every school and family would adopt as policy “team sport” would be the most beneficial.

There are some things that are better understood, taught and explained by parents.  A wise teacher will recognize this and ask the parents for assistance.  This shouldn’t be something unusual or unexpected.  There is a time to pass the ball to another to help a child learn.

Sometimes it is important for a teacher to take the hard line.  Parents should be notified and be supportive.

Homework is part of the team sport.  Flag the teacher if there is too much.  Ask for more if a child is gifted and bored.  Get a tutor if a child is not relating to the teacher or the parents.  Reasonable adults can work together in the best interest of a child.

A child can not be hurt from too much homework, because reasonable adults won’t let it happen.