Parents need to Buckle up for Middle School Transition

This is an exciting and anxious time for a child to go to school. They have heard all kinds of things from other teens who have already been to middle school. Some of it is frightening, and some is fun. They see this new experience as one that is opening doors for them to enter into the journey leading to adulthood. This can be a very stressful time for them. There is so much they have to learn about growing up.

Their bodies are changing, and they are experiencing emotional and sexual feelings. All this is confusing and complicated. They have more questions than answers. Peer pressure becomes a major issue to them. They struggle to find ways to be liked by others. They form clicques to hang out with others that seem to think as they do. There are the popular kids, the nerds, and the jocks. There are also those children who are harassed and bullied, and are rejected by their peers.

All these changes have a strong impact on these children. It is a difficult time in their young lives. A small pimple on their face becomes the end of the world. They can become rebellious and defiant. It is also a trying time for parents. Many of these children become unruly, and disrespectful. They consider themselves “all knowing,” and act out.

Parents who are sending their children to middle school for the first time, can prepare for a rough ride for the most part. They need to try and understand what their children are going through. This is a highly emotional time in their lives, and they are all about themselves at this time. There will be turmoil and hurt feelings on both sides of this not so smooth road of adjustment.

Parents need to be patient first of all. This is going to be a difficult time for parents too. They will be the enemy when they don’t jump every time a new fad is in style, and they refuse to give in and buy it for their child. Parents must pick their battles, and stay firm in what they lay down for rules at the same time.

On the other side of the coin, parents need to give a lot of positive strokes when the child accomplishes anything good or positive. Parents must control themselves from expecting too much from their child. Staying informed of what is going on in the child’s life, and giving them support in all their new adventures, will make for a smooth transition for both parents and child.