Peer Pressure Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are a great way to get important messages across to children. The visual curiosities of kids make the use of bulletin boards an excellent tool in reaching children. However, not every bulletin board will accomplish this goal, as they are certainly not all created equally. A high quality bulletin board with strategic use of graphics and text will capture your student’s attention and ensure that they get your message.

One very important message that must be conveyed to children is that of how to recognize and handle peer pressure. Kids encounter various forms of peer pressure on a daily basis, making it imperative that we equip our children with the proper tools to recognize peer pressure and to make wise decisions regarding it. Here are a couple of ideas for captivating bulletin boards regarding peer pressure.

Peer Stars

A great way to encourage kids to avoid the negative impacts of peer pressure is to work to instill self-confidence. Make your students feel like stars in your classroom, and show them just how special they are within themselves. Encourage students to be “The best ME that they can be!”

Cover your bulletin board with a dark colored sparkly paper and use a much lighter contrasting border. Create several stars out of construction paper or poster board. Sizes and numbers of stars will vary based upon the size of your bulletin board and the number of students in your classroom. Choose colors that are bright and attention grabbing. Muted tones will not catch the eyes of students as quickly as a vibrant color. Decorate the edges of the stars with glitter pens to add some extra pizzazz! On each star, Write the words “The best ME that I can be” and then have a numbered list 1-5 below where students can pencil in 5 ways that they can be themselves and overcome negative peer pressure. For example: I can be happy to dress in my own personal style.  (Encourage discussion among students about conforming to what others pressure them to do. Ask them to list the negative results of falling into peer pressure, and the positive results of avoiding it) Affix the stars on the bulletin board and let your student’s lights shine!

Standing Strong

The standing strong bulletin board theme is another great way to encourage students to avoid the pitfalls of negative peer pressure. After a discussion about peer pressure and its effects, use this bulletin board to make your students represent the building blocks of a strong school body.

Cover the bottom 1/3 of your board in green paper and the top 2/3 of the board in a sky blue paper. Use a Hawaiian grass skirt (available at most party supply stores) to create the effects of grass over the bottom portion of the board. Modge Podge glue will work well to hold the wispy strands in place. Use cotton balls that have been stretched out to create a cloud effect in the upper portions of your board. At the top of your board post the words “Standing Strong against Peer Pressure” Now, create a building out of 3X5 blocks that have been cut from posterboard and have each student’s name written in bold letters on them..  Construct the building to resemble a skyscraper reaching into the clouds.

With a little creativity and some time, you can not only create an eye-catching bulletin board, but can instill some valuable lessons in your students that they will carry throughout