Preach by example

The phrase “Actions speak louder than words” is where the value of preaching is cut short. A wonderful Sunday Sermon is nullified when you catch the preacher on Monday doing what he had condemned. That is why our words must be backed up by actions.  When Jesus taught it was from the words of one who was doing, not just saying. He did not say “Love one another.” He said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” He had already done what He was preaching and was an example to follow from the start. He showed us the best form of preaching, by example.

When we think of history’s spiritual giants we remember their actions and words. What Gandhi said was backed up by the way he lived. He didn’t just preach nonviolence but lived it in the face of his foes. If he had contradicted himself we would not remember him today as the great religious and political leader that he was. Just the same, we need to live what we preach so that our words have meaning and our teachings have examples.

In the Bible we read of the actions of Job who after everything he had was taken from him he demonstrated Patience and Humility. Could God not have just said be patient and humble? He did, but to put more power into His words God showed how to be patient and humble. The Apostles taught, “Be ye therefore an example of the believers (1 Tim 4:12)” They knew that without examples their teachings would have been for naught.

In my life I’ve found that balance is the key to success. There needs to be balance between Religion, Family, Work, and Play. There needs to be a balance between words and actions. For how can I tell someone to be more humble when I am more prideful that he? First I must raise myself before I offer my hand to raise another.

Some times the best sermons come from silent mouths and years of faith. Just as the story of the widow’s mite was used by Jesus as an example of great faith we must live our lives with the same dedication and belief so that others might see our good works and glorify the Father. We don’t have to be highly educated speakers or use the fanciest words. We just need to do and that will be sermon enough for those who really want to follow God’s plan.