Preparing for 1st Grade Preparing your Child Mentally and Physically for School

It is not an EASY task but there are several ways to tackle this problem. This would be a more high problem for kids that are clingy to their parents, and for those types that are very pampered. But generally, if we look closely, kids love to study. And I have seen how my aunt trains psychologically her daughter for kindergarten and then later on, for her first grade school preparation. The methods are:

1) Buying educational books

This helps to mentally prepare your children, and I’ve seen it done to my aunt’s daughter and she’s loving it so much. To the point of reading something gibberish using her own language which is cute. But points scored because she has this fascination for books.

2) Bringing your children to educational trips

Like the zoo, museum and etc. Also science fair or something to do with educational, so that your child will have this mentality to be wanting to go to such things. And you can tell them that sometimes during school holiday, their school will organize such trips, so they can look forward to school in that sense.

3) Having a routine time at work just like in school

This is also extremely important and part of the steps to prepare your children. Having a routine or some sort helps. Like there’s a time allocated for TV, time to eat, time to read books to them, time for engaging outdoor activities for your children and many more. It is so much fun into having a bit of a routine into your children’s lives and you will be amazed at how easy it is for them to be sent to school, and hence to prepare them for first grade.

4) Trying your best to get involve and interested into their educational journey

Believe this. Parents whom are disinterested in their first few years of their children’s education journey will tend to lose out in the long run. It doesn’t hurt to participate in your children’s activities and letting them know that you are a part of it too. That gives them comfort, a bit of confidence to move on and the ability to nurture themselves more.

With all these basic steps, I hope that it will be quint-essential for your children to be preparing for first grade, which is the first important step in their lives. With your prayers surrounding them, and with your continuing efforts to make school a fun and enjoyable time for them, they would take that leap, even without you approaching the subject so much. Just follow the basic steps and enhance from there. They will survive, trust me.