Promoting Reading Fun

Reading opens any door to a child. It is important that a child loves to read, and is able to read well. It is important for the teacher to promote reading in his or her elementary classroom in fun and entertaining ways.

Reading a story to the students during snack time and other free time is a great way to promote a love for reading. The more they are exposed to books the more children will love to read.

Involving the kids in stories is another way to promote reading. Sometimes just read a story to the kids, other times however read the story and stop to discuss it. Let the children predict what happens next and really be a part of the story.  Show them the illustrations as the book is read. Sometimes have them predict what is going on simply by the illustration. This will make them a part of the story and enhance their desire to read.

Writing is a way to promote reading. If a child can write, he or she will most likely be a good reader.  Let them use their imagination and write silly stories. Give them a prompt and let them go to town. Once they have written their stories, let them share with their classmates.

Every classroom should be full of books .The more books that are in the classroom, the more curious a child will become.  Make sure the books are bright and interesting so that the children will want to find out what they are about.

Reading contests are an excellent way to promote reading. Kids love to compete if it is fun. The prize can be a book.  One contest can be a point system. Give each book a point value and then keep track of the books as the children read them.  Before applying points, make sure the child has actually read the book by giving a test on the book. It can be a simple test that just shows reading comprehension.  A fun thing can be to have all of the kids participate in the reading points together and if they reach a pre-determined amount, the teacher will do something like maybe kiss a pig. Kids will eat this up and work hard to make the teacher kiss a pig. In the end, they will most likely gain a love for reading too.

Reading is a way to travel afar, learn about things, and leave the world for fantasy. Teachers need to promote reading so that students can go anywhere they wish and be whoever they want to be.