Reasons why Homework is an Essential Part of Education

The debate over homework has raged on for years. Some parents and educators alike have argued the uselessness of assigning students homework. Some people have argued that homework is time-consuming, and that it doesn’t truly reflect the ability of the student because many of them cheat on their homework. Despite the protests from students and some parents, homework does have several pluses.

Reinforce stills

Athletes practice. Musicians practice and entertainers do too. So, why won’t a student? Homework is one of the best ways for a teacher to reinforce skills that have been covered during the regular school day. As the students complete their homework assignment, they are practicing a skill that he learned during the day. Homework also allows the teacher to see if the students have mastered the skills or objectives that were covered. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Time management

Doing homework teaches the students time management skills. The students learn how to divide their time between studying, doing homework, and pursuing their other interests. Time management is a skill that students will need in the future as they enter the workforce or simply juggle the responsibilities of home and family.

 Monitor comprehension

A teacher can determine if a lesson was successful by assigning and checking homework. By checking the students’ homework, a teacher can identify the skills that have been mastered and which skills need to be re-taught.


Homework teaches the students discipline. The students must discipline themselves to complete their homework assignments instead of giving in to the temptation to do other more enjoyable activities like playing video games, watching television, talking on the phone, or playing outside.

Independent learners

As the students complete their homework assignments, they become independent learners. The teacher puts the students in charge of their own educational destiny by assigning homework. Because homework is completed outside of the school setting, it puts the students in a position of responsibility. The teacher is no longer the only one responsible for the learning process. Each student becomes a key player in their own educational process.


Parents can control if their young children complete their homework assignments, but older students are harder to persuade. So, by choosing to complete a homework assignment, the students are not only getting the extra practice needed to reinforce a skill or concept, but they are learning how to motivate themselves.  With each assignment the students complete, they become more self-reliant and self-motivated. These traits help to prepare them for other challenges like going to college or holding down a job.

Homework is an essential part of the learning process. It is a great way for teachers to reinforce the skills that have been covered earlier in the day. It provides the student with extra practice.  Homework can also be uses a tool for evaluating students’ progress. It gives the teacher a chance to see which students need help, and it also helps the teacher identify areas that need to be re-taught. Students become independent learners and active participants in their education by choosing to complete their homework assignments.