Reasons why Obese Children Tend to do Worse at Elementary School

Studies done by NYU researchers have shown that obese children tend to do worse at elementary school. The studies which were done on children who showed physical signs of being obese like high bad cholesterol levels, low insulin and blood pressures that are raised tend to do bad especially in elementary school.

The latest research showed that children who were obese from infant-hood to elementary had lower scores in their academic work as compared to their counterparts who have less well, as far as weight is concerned. The study still remained even after causes of obesity like income of family, mother’s level of education; race and expectations of the child’s education from the parents were put into account.

Below are more reasons that could be the course of these obese children’s poor academic performance:

1)  Mocking from their peers and at times even teachers.

2)   Lack of proper monitoring from parents i.e. not being able to utilize the Child’s free time thus leading him/her to an eating spree.

3)   Fear of opening up to the guardians about the treatment in school and therefore finding solace in food.

4)   Not being able to concentrate well because of constantly having the need to eat.

There are also several other studies which have highlighted the causes of poor academic performance in Obese children in elementary school; they include having self esteem that is low, being isolated from the social scene by self and others their age and health problems that come with obesity such as diabetes and asthma. Clearly, there are many more factors that can be blamed for the poor performance of obese children in elementary school but all seem to have a common source, obesity.

As for the solution, there is need for good nutrition for elementary going kids but this should not be observed just for children of that age. But also those that are yet to start school. Parents should show more concern for their children’s health and not let them do whatever it is they think is right because, even if some deem obesity in such a stage as just baby fat that will wear out, teenage hood might just refuse them the opportunity to do so because as they grow older, the more they eat (most especially in teenage hood.)

Keeping a close eye on a child’s eating habits not only lessens risk of obesity, but the many health complications that tag along with this condition.