Reasons why Students should not have Homework

Kids spend eight hours in school each day. Adults spend eight hours at work each day. However, most kids are required to take several hours of school work home with them each day. When adults go home they don’t have to take work home with them; kids should not be required to take work home with them, either. Their time at home is just as valuable as adults’ time, and their state of mind is just as important. If schools are doing what they are supposed to, they should be able to teach all of the information kids need to know in the time allotted at school. Granted, if a child is struggling, it is beneficial for the child to take work home so that he or she can practice. In general kids should not have homework because it puts a strain on the family unit, puts too much stress on young people, and makes children dislike learning.

The family structure in society today is diminishing. So many families have little time to spend together between after-school activities, chores and homework. Some kids have at least an hour of homework per day. The kids usually get home from school, go to their after-school activity, come home and do chores, eat dinner and then they are off to do homework. Once the homework is finished it is bedtime, so the family has had no quality time together. This takes away from important family bonding time. The adults have been able to leave their job at work. But the kids bring their work home, which puts a strain on the whole family. Many family members become very distant with each other because they are not able to spend time together. The result is a broken family unit.

The stress put on kids because of homework is completely outrageous and way out of line. Middle school children can have up to three hours a day of homework. High school kids much of the time have even more. Add this to their other activities and they are up late trying to complete the work.  Many times they do not complete the work and get in trouble at school, which can lead to depression for some kids and discipline issues for others. The pressure becomes way too much for such young people. Most adults are not even under that much pressure. It is no wonder so many kids turn to drugs and alcohol to escape their stressful lives. Even the K-5 children are required to do homework, which is the beginning to the stressful school life they will have to endure. By the time they reach middle school, most of them are highly stressed out already.

Kids are becoming disenchanted with education. It is forced down their throat so often that they stop caring and hate learning. The kids who struggle feel inadequate so they shut down, and the kids who do understand what is going on in class get bored and they stop performing. The misconception of educators is that homework will give a student time to master a skill. However, that idea has backfired and the end result is that kids will not master the skill because they are so sick of school and they just do not care anymore.  Many kids drop out of school for the very reason that they are sick of educators thinking their whole world should be school. They see that in the adult world they will get to work eight hours a day and then forget work, relax and enjoy life. In their school world they have to spend at least 10 hours a day, sometimes more, on school. It is no wonder they become disgusted and quit.

Educators should teach all of the required lessons in the time allotted. Kids are going through so much in their life just trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be. Kids’ youth should be a time where they can enjoy life. It should not be more stressful than most adults’ lives. Homework adds way too much stress to kids’ lives and is destroying the family unit, as well as making kids hate learning. It is time for educators to realize that kids can learn within the time allotted at school.