Reasons why Students should not have Homework

I myself am a young student with many things to do. I have to clean, do laundry (ugh, what a pain), and then there’s homework. Homework is one the many things that is completely pointless to me. To me life is not about turning things in on time or making sure you know what a pronoun, adverb, or even mitosis is. It’s about exploring and living a dream that seems impossible yet possible at the same time.

When you’re young, homework doesn’t seem to fill your life. But when you get older it seems to overcome your life, giving you no time to play and be a kid. And sometimes people forget what being a kid is all about. You don’t stay a child forever so when you think you have a chance to live the good days sometimes you’re wrong.

I was thirteen and boy was it the hardest time of my life. My teacher was, well let’s say not very organized. She gave me homework all the time and i HATED it. I don’t think that anyone liked her at all. She was a bee that you couldn’t shoo away. She gave us so much homework that it was hard to keep up. It was pointless because she gave us the homework and then taught us it over again the next day. It was so hard because i didn’t want to do it and i knew it wasn’t going to do anything in life. Do you honestly think that if you get stuck on an island you’re going to think of doing homework and what the square root of fifty-four is? I don’t, and that’s how I look at things. If you’re not really going to use them that often in life why learn them. Maybe you’d WANT to learn them but you could; that’s what school is for. They say that you only have seven hours of school; technically that’s not true because if homework is just doing school at home that’s really another half an hour.

Now think of when you’re a parent and you have to help your children with their homework. Do you really want to do that? You’re really just starting school all over again. And who the heck in their right minds would want to do that? My dad has to help my brother with his work and sometimes I do. That is just nonsense if you’ve ever looked at what they have to do. My brother has to write on a letter every week. First he has to do it a couple times, upper case and then lower case. Then he has to write the words using the letter to write a sentence. After that he has to draw a picture of the sentence. And lastly he was to find things in a magazine that start with the letter and then spell the words. And the scary thing is he’s only in kindergarten.

I would say homework isn’t the best thing to be doing when you’re going to be doing it at school and when your child has it.