Reduce Stress by Creating a Homework Space for Kids

Kids come home from a long day at school and the last thing on their mind is doing homework.  Most kids dread doing homework on the best of days and nothing makes it even harder than when they do not have a specific homework area.  If a kid is doing their homework where they were playing video games or finger painting only a few minutes earlier, then they will simply be thinking about the fact that they were sitting in the same spot doing something much more enjoyable only minutes before.  What is worse is when there are remnants of earlier activities, which can distract them even more, such as paint from finger painting or food left over from dinner on the table.  Anything that could distract a child, most certainly will. 

Children need to have a specifically designated homework area, in order for them to be able to sit and focus their full attention on their homework.  If they have a specific area in which they do their homework they will not be confused as to what they should be doing or why they are there, because they will know from the moment they sit down.  Furthermore, having a specific area designed for doing homework means that you will have a place to keep all the homework supplies a kid needs, whether it be pencils and rulers or papers and scissors.  This will eliminate the search for supplies that usually happens when a kid sits down to do their homework. 

By creating a homework space for kids, you can ensure that they are far from a television or computer which could distract them.  Not having a homework space for kids simply makes it too easy for a child to ask to do their homework in from of the television or while eating.  Any form of distraction will mean that your child is not focusing 100% on their work, which will mean that they are not learning to their full potential.  Keeping your home as organized as possible will help kids, especially younger ones, know what behaviour is expected and where.  If they know that they are only allowed to eat in the kitchen, and only allowed to play video games in the play room, then it will be easier for them to understand that there is a specific place where they must do their homework. 

Furthermore, having a set homework time, such as right after school, or after dinner, will also make it easier for them to get into the mindset that it is time for them to do their homework.  Nothing is harder than trying to get a kid to do their homework when there is no set homework time, and no designated homework area.  Chasing a child around the house, trying to get them to do their homework is exhausting and will only cause parents and child carer’s unnecessary stress.

Do yourself a favour and organize your house and your life, along with that of your kids and it will reduce some of the stress in your life.