Repeating a Grade – No

It’s often the case where a student who has failed a grade is made to redo it, but is that always a good option?

When a child is simply doing badly in school because they just can’t understand the things they learn, the sort of help they need is not a repeat of a grade, but rather a more in-depth one-on-one session with a teacher or tutor. For example, if a student fails a subject, the parents will often decide to hire a tutor or help in some similar form. Failing a grade shouldn’t be any different. A child could simply take a summer course with a tutor that covers the subjects they aren’t doing well in, and it would probably patch their problems right up.

In cases where a child, especially in his teens, simply doesn’t care about school or grades, it’s not a problem of passing or failing; it’s an impediment to the child’s education, and won’t be solved if you make them redo the grade. Furthermore, a failing student who doesn’t care about school or grades would likely see a grade redo as some form of pointless punishment imposed onto them, and would put even less effort into their grades. Like before, if we put this student in a one-on-one summer course to put them back on track, even a teen rebel would have trouble NOT learning something from someone who’s sitting right beside them, explaining things for them. If you put them back into another class full of children, their attitude towards learning could even go unnoticed.

Making a child redo a grade will also put the child behind in life, and they will finish high school a year late (if they don’t skip a grade). It makes it an extremely inefficient method of correction. Sort of like when you build a car and there’s a problem with it, taking it apart and putting it back together takes a lot of time, and might not even fix the problem. In the end, you might have to scrap the car, which is okay for a car company, but definitely doesn’t work on a child. What will you do if your child doesn’t make much progress when they repeat a grade?

Making a child redo a grade is a very inefficient and ineffective way to solve their problems. Ultimately, no matter how well a child does in the future, at some point in their lives, they’ll think, “I could have done better if I didn’t have to redo that grade.”