Reputable science websites oriented towards kids

Where do you send your child to find science information for their homework or for fun? There are a lot of science websites on the Internet, and not all of them are suitable for children or contain verifiable information.

Here is a list of science websites that are suitable for kids from kindergarten through high school. These sites are run by reputable science organizations or scientists, and contain facts, games, safe experiments, and lesson plans and information for parents and educators. None of these sites require registration or passwords. All these sites are backed by educational institutions or scientists, appealing and oriented to kids with games, activities, and video. Some sites also contain parent and teacher information such as lesson plans, suggestions, and projects.

Science for Kids

Hosted in New Zealand, this site contains educational resources for teachers and parents, and games, topics, quizzes and experiments for kids. Rene Smith founded Science for Kids, and is associated with the Science Alive center in New Zealand. From its beginnings in 2007, Science for Kids now logs two million monthly visitors. Science for Kids has links to associated websites Kids Math Games and Fun English

Discovery Kids

From the Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids provides games, puzzles, activities, and quizzes for grades K through 12. Kid-oriented science topics are presented by favorite figures from the Discovery Channel, such as the Myth Busters.


The official US Government site for kids, parents and teachers, the site is divided into three areas: grades K-5, 6-8, and grownups. A service from the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, contains links to activities, information, lesson plans, video and web casts for general education, including sciences and maths. Linked sites and information include links to NASA, the US National Park Service, the Department of Energy, and the US Geological Service. Every linked site contains tons of games, videos, experiments, activities and homework help for kids. 

Smithsonian Education for Kids

The national Smithsonian institutions and museums have their own websites for kids from grades K-12. Focusing on Smithsonian collections and organizations, this site contains games, topics, activities, and more for kids from grades K-12.

Time for Kids

From Time magazine, this kid-oriented site contains articles and information for grades K-12 on science topics that have appeared in Time magazine over the years. Photos and videos and a special Homework Helper round out the site.

National Geographic Kids

From the classic and award-winning magazine, National Geographic has put together a kid-oriented site that contains photos, videos, articles, news, activities, and more for grades K-12. There are links to the full National Geographic magazine site, as well as links to parent and educator information.


Factismals presents science news nuggets and blog entries aimed at middle school kids. John DeLaughter, PhD, is a planetologist who has, in his own words, “made explosions at the Omniplex Science Museum, frozen stuff at the Miami Science Museum, explored Venus as a NASA intern, played with earthquakes as part of EarthScope, and listened to whales as a Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute intern.” Author of the Secret Science Society (simple and inexpensive science experiments) and the Factismals series of books, Factismals presents fascinating nuggets of information and links to sites that kids can explore.

Science websites for all audiences abound on the internet. The websites described in this article have been verified as safe for kids, presenting science in fun ways that are kid-oriented. Kids that use these sites can enjoy themselves and learn something in the process. Who knows, visiting these sites might inspire the next generation of scientists and researchers!