Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpacks have become more and more necessary as the loads of books our children are asked to carry get larger and heavier.  Some teachers, especially at the elementary level, do try to lighten the loads and not make the chidlren take home more than one or two books at a time.  Unfortunately, by the time our children reach middle and high school, there is no such consideration, because there are too many teachers to make it possible.  This is the time when rolling backpacks become necessary and should be allowed, if for no other reason than to keep children from the pain of the burden of those heavy books.

As to the question of whether rolling backpacks should be necessary, they should not be necessary.  Those books are very heavy, and there is no need for children to be carrying such thick books back and forth to school.  If they do need to do homework, perhaps the books should be available online through the schools.  This would allow children not to have to carry so much, but always have immediate access to the information that they need without breaking their backs. 

In our society today, we too often forget that children are children.  They need time to play.  They need exercise, to get out and run.  The backpacks full of books would suggest instead that they are only given time to study and learn.  While learning is a worthy endeavor, by not allowing our children to exercise enough, and relegating them to book learning only, we are raising a generation of obese intellectuals.  We may like the intellectual part, but the obese part is not a good thing at all. 

For this reason, rolling backpacks should be allowed for the books that children currently have to carry, but in reality, children should be carrying fewer books, and instead using the time that they would have spent with those books exercising, playing, and being kids.  Should rolling backpacks be allowed?  As long as we expect our children to carry so much with them, they need to be allowed if we don’t want to spend time taking our children to the doctor for back problems.  Should rolling backpacks be necessary?  They should absolutely not be necessary.  Our children need more time to be children.  There’s plenty of time to be a grown up, but only a few short years that our children can enjoy childhood.