School Fundraisers

The school year always brings fund raiser items that your child is encouraged to sell. Whether these fund raisers come from the school itself or after school activities your child is in such as boy scouts, girl scouts, or sports your child is offered an incentive for selling so many items. Fund raisers also go to benefit programs in school and/or money needed to fund extracurricular activities. Here are some ways to help your child sell fund raiser items so that he can be a part of helping to raise money for his school, sports, and/or scouts,…etc.

Take your child’s fund raising catalogs to work. Asking those you work with to help your child’s school or extracurricular activities can greatly increase the amount of money you raise. Many people are willing to help out by purchasing items to raise money for things such as education, sports, and after school activities that help children. Be aware, however, that if your coworkers also have children selling fund raising items, it is only fair that you buy from them as well. But, it is worth it to help out others so that your child can appreciate the gift of giving money to fund raisers that help fund school programs and after school activities. And, you’ll be doing the same for other parents when you buy fund raiser items from their child(ren).

Encourage family to help out and buy fund raiser items from your child. Getting family involved in raising funds for your child’s school and/or after school activities can help your child to see that his family believes in giving to others. Ask your child to talk to family members about buying fund raising items from him. Allow him to sell the items himself so that he can see how fund raising is done and get confidence to do things that are expected from him at school and/or with after school activities. Also, when your child does the selling of fund raiser items, family will probably be more willing to buy and less likely to say ‘no’ to your child. This way, he can raise even more money and get better incentives (prizes) from earning more money.

Have your child go around and sell door to door. When I was a child, my father used to encourage me to sell fund raiser items by walking around the neighborhood and asking people to buy and give money. Doing the selling myself encouraged the neighbors to buy something, rather than have my father ask neighbors to give money. Also, selling fund raiser items door to door is a great way to boost a child’s confidence and get them out of their shell if they are shy. Working up the courage to talk to people and ask them to purchase fund raising items helps a child to develop social skills and customer service skills they will need later in life after high school. Your child will also be proud of himself for selling fund raiser items alone and appreciate the hard work involved.

Encourage your child to call family members who live far away. Many fund raising programs now offer online shopping for relatives that live out of town. Your child can earn more money for his school or after school activities by calling relatives and asking them to purchase fund raising items online. Simply give your child a list of phone numbers for relatives who live far away and have him contact them. Then, tell your child to give relatives the website listed on the fund raiser catalog so that they can get online and order whatever they like. The order goes straight through the website and is taken down by the fund raiser company who in turn, delivers the item to your relative and gives your child the points for selling those items. This helps your child raise even more money for school programs and after school activities.