School Reviews Carver Academy in San Antonio Texas

Most parents want their children to have a good education so they can succeed in life. Those in San Antonio, Texas have a big advantage when their child is accepted at The Carver Academy, named for George Washington Carver (1864-1943), a black scientist, botanist, educator and inventor.

What makes The Carver Academy (TCA) a good choice is the foundation upon which it was built.  We’re not talking about  five acres of property or the reinforced concrete slab that shores up the academy.  It is the core principles that are the very foundation of this academy: Integrity, discipline, leadership and initiative.

The Carver Academy, which formally opened in September of 2001, was founded by David Maurice Robinson, better known as the Admiral when he played for the San Antonio Spurs.  
It was Robinson and his wife, Valerie, who committed $9 million to open a school where children of all races, creeds and financial standings could come together to learn.

Situated on 5 acres, the facilities at the school are impressive. Along with sixteen classrooms, the academy houses science and computer labs, a library, broadcasting studio, recording studio, band hall, chapel, and cafeteria.  Students are tutored in three foreign languages: German, Japanese and Spanish.  They are challenged to excel and given the tools to do so.

While the program is based upon the Judeo-Christian scripture, children of every race and creed make up the student body.  Their financial status at home never excludes students nor dictates their success or lack of it.  Over 95 percent of the students are on scholarship and consistently score above national standards on the Stanford Achievement Test.

The Carver Academy is becoming a model for elementary schools around the globe. Through strategic partnerships, the staff is sharing curriculum and ideas with educators in Africa and Japan.

The dream continues.  In its tenth year, the school is by all standards a model of success, and growth is still a major goal.  TCA plans to increase enrollment, add more programs for students and bring yet more staff on board.  “A strong endowment is critical to ensure that our mission of excellence is available for future generations of students,” writes Brenda Murphy, head of the school.

Check out this video where Robinson shares his heart about The Carver Academy.  From someone who knows him well comes this statement:  David Robinson is a “true role model, a family man and a pillar in the community … but most of all he has a huge heart.”

As one parent with children in the academy writes: “My son is so excited (about school) and enjoys learning. The students at Carver are well behaved and are respectful to others.  This school, in my opinion, is the best in San Antonio, Texas.”

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