Self Esteem and the Role it Plays in Americas Schools

In elementary schools, self esteem is by far the most important thing… thats right, the most important. A lot of schools in America are changing their teaching systems to support the self esteem of the students. They go about doing this by taking away competition. For example, a principal took away the competition in valedictorian, as some students will feel bad for not winning. Another principal took the first, second and third prizes in a science fair, as it would hurt too many kids feeling.

To replace bad self esteem, teachers have decided that all the students should be marked on effort. Meaning, if you show up, you get an A. If the student meets and does the minimum amount, they should achieve an A.

This has to be the most ridiculous thing that America has ever done.

Students need to be challenged, and need to know when they are doing well, or not. This does not prepare the student for the real world. In the real world, if you show up to a job, just on time, and sit there, and expect money for showing up. Yeah right. One could only wish! The reality is, students need to be pushed to work hard so they can be ready for the real world.

Students in America, are now being rated as one of the dumbest. They achieve the lowest marks on standardized tests compared to countries all over the world. However, the government would much rather look at a much more important figure, America may be the dumbest, but, the students are the happiest. The American government has decided to put the self esteem and happiness of the students first. However, they will not be prepared for the workforce. There are plenty of people in other countries by the age of twenty that happen to know a few languages fluently, and are some of the smartest people in the world. Then there are Americans, learning how to work hard when the foreign competition is destroying them.

If the American government is deciding that self esteem is most important, students are getting marked on showing up, and minimal effort. As this is hurting students as the students do not know what they should work up to, the workforce is hurting as Americans do not know how to work hard in the workforce. This could severely cripple the workforce.

The American government and teachers need to reward kids for good effort and winning, and need to come down on students for not meeting expectations. This will correct the issue. The Americans should not waste any more time and need to deal with this issue immediately.