September Bulletin Board Themes

September, just like April, is an active and busy month all around the globe. It is both the start of spring and the ending of summer. Sound confusing? It isn’t really as it depends in which hemisphere you are living? This concept can be used to create some different and educational bulletin boards!

One theme is to use the opposite hemisphere and put up things happening there. Europeans and North Americans could put up a map showing Antarctica, South American, Australia, and even most of Africa. Get the children to draw what they think September is like in those places. Penguins are laying eggs, seals forming “harems” and whales are calving in Antarctica while flowers are budding in South Africa. Doing it this way will give an appreciation for distant places and different lands.

The North American activities could include Labor Day with beach parties and barbecues. Hurricane Season is in full force and yet American Football is starting while baseball winds down. State and County fairs are going, people are starting the fall harvest. People are closing up their summer cottages and getting ready for winter. The plants are all producing fruits and seeds to get them through the winter!

One place is springing out with life while the other prepares to fall into winter! Two very different things happening at the same time during the same month.

If one is really adventurous and has a big bulletin board, do both! The top part of the board can be the Northern Hemisphere and the bottom the Southern. Divide the class into two groups and have them research what is happening in “their” assigned part of the world. They could even use the Internet to contact people living in other places and find out what September is like for them. This makes it a fun, interactive, and educational bulletin board project.

If you want something simpler, just concentrate on your area. Show local events or sports teams and, with the sports, you can post the scores each week and have the class vote on who the best player was and why. This will stimulate local, parental involvement as well as the children, which is always good!

The problem with September isn’t what to put on the bulletin board, but what is best for your class, and how to limit it! Get the students involved and the problem is solved. Of course the September bulletin board may run on into October!