Should Children be Taught and Made more Aware of Disability

I would like to express my voice in regards to our primary education. Many subjects are considered relevant for todays needs, however i believe there is a strong need to teach students about disability and what it means for someone living with a disability.

The foundation behind this has come from seeing the hardship of children with a disability go through their schooling being teased and made fun at by fellow students.

I strongly belive this has come about from the students not being aware of what disability is, therefore have no understanding of it. The extra care needed for a student with a disability may be seen by fellow students as a way for added attention therefore jealousy may come about.

As disability is a very large feild with various conditions and the way it affects people. I think general areas such as blindness, deafness, down syndrome and wheelchair bound areas should be covered therefore giving the students an insight into some of the more common disabilities we see.

This will give the students awareness and education as well as having this as a life skill if they know someone with a disability. Not only will this assist the students, but will also open the gap for children who live with a disability and have not being accepted by their peers due to non understanding.

There are many people throughout the world that live with a disability but for a variety of reasons do not have the same opportunities as someone without. This is due to the arrogance of our population as well as the little education that people who do not have a disability know.

I think that if we can teach this to our kids from a young age, they can be more approachable to someone with a disability as well as have to understanding and considerations for someone that does.

The children who live with a disability then may not feel so secluded from everyone and can get on and enjoy life with the other kids.