Should Elementary Recess be only Organized Games – No

Games during recess are really not a bad idea, but should recess be limited to games only? I don’t think so. Been that as it may, pupils see recess as an avenue to get themselves free from all major class works and more reason we should try and device a suitable means for recess in elementary school so as not to jeopardize the desire and interest of the pupils.

Elementary schools are often known to working in accumulated number of hours, even though pupils often makes the class sometimes lively and sometimes interesting.

In the elementary school you find different children from different home come together to learn under the same roof. Most of the time it appears so difficult watching over the elementary classes. As a teacher in the elementary school you much be full of ideas so as not to make the class boring for the children.

The issue of recess being limited to games only in my opinion as I earlier said is not totally a bad idea, games are even sometimes organized while in the class. For example; there are series of study games that make the class more interesting. All a teacher needs is to get him or she acquainted with the children so as to know where they best fit into.

Some children enjoy coming to school just because they are bully and most of their pair respects them for it. Really being a bully as a kid is not something that should be encouraged; but we can not ignore the fact that the bully thing is part of what makes the entire process sometimes interesting.

During recess we tend to discover a lot about the pupils in school, ranging from those who do not respond to activities in school, those that are full of making trouble, even those that plays a lot, sometimes you find out that some children while in class tends to be very dull, but are very active during recess when they tend to feel some element of freedom.

I believe strongly that assessment of children can best be done while in the class and the way they respond during recess.

Generally I will say games during recess are really not a bad idea, but the authorities should try as much as possible to make the pupils free to express themselves during recess. If at all there are games available during recess, they should do what ever games they wish, so far the games is safe so as not to jeopardize the interest of the pupils.

For a good and well organized elementary school the interest of those that are the major stake holder must not be jeopardized in the name of organizing games.