Should Schools be Closed Due to Low Temperatures

Should schools be closed due to low temperatures? I remember the first time my mom woke me up early in the morning to tell me that school had been cancelled due to low temperatures. I thought she was kidding at first, only to turn on the TV and see that school had indeed been cancelled. I wasn’t sure why they had closed school, but looking back at it, I could understand why they would close schools when the temperatures get to be too low.

For one, there could be kids who have to walk to school, and it could be dangerous for them to have to walk in such cold temperatures. When I went to school it was state law that school had to be cancelled if the wind chill was below minus 20 degrees outside, and I think it was discretionary as to whether to close schools if the actual temperature was below zero. Also taken into account was how long kids might have to wait outside for the bus.

If you are putting your kids in danger by making them wait in temperatures that are too cold, it could make your school district look bad. What parent is going to put their kids in danger by making them wait outside in the freezing cold for a bus. They could wait inside, but how long does the bus actually wait before just pulling away, and leaving the poor kid to get a ride to school from thier parents?

Should schools close though just because it is too cold out? I would say that depends on the condition of the school,a nd what the roads are like going to school. If the roads are frozen solid, or if the pipes in the school are frozen, and you can’t flush the toilet, or get any water, you shouldn’t make kids go to school. Not only that, but if the students have to suffer, the teachers will suffer, and will it really be a good day to teach? I would think that most people would be focused on staying warm as opposed to long division.

You can always learn about Columbus the next day, and there are ways to make sure that all the necssary days get put into the school year. There is no need to rush the students into school just because you feel like you need to get something into your lesson plan at a certain time. There is no need to put students in any danger, and if it is too cold out, then you should just cancel school and do whatever was planned for that day the next day instead.

Schools should never be open when there is any danger of exposure to harsh elements. We don’t keep schools open for excessive snow, or dangerous ice, so why should we keep schools open when it is too cold out to be safe while at school. School should only be open when it is safe to do so, and when the students can come to school for the sake of learning, and not be distracted by the extreme cold outside.