Should the Game of Tag be Banned on School Grounds – No

I want you to think back to when councils provided playground equipment in public parks with the sole point of inflicting injuries on small children. I can’t imagine how councils were not sued to the very brink of bankruptcy considering the thousands of injuries that must have occurred on a daily basis. The ambulances must have been kept in constant demand transporting children to hospital to mend broken limbs.

Oddly enough back when I was a child I didn’t think the council’s playground equipment was all that dangerous. I suppose when you think about it, a minefield would have been a safer place to play in than the park. Take the swing with that slab of hardwood , just two long chains to hang onto and nothing to stop you sliding off for instance. Many kids must have been hit in the head with the seat or had a nasty fall from the seat if they let go of the chains before the swing came to a halt.

Here’s a few more to jog your memory. There was a slippery slide where you could injure your back if you weren’t careful to put you feet down at the bottom of the slide. There was a seesaw where the big fat kid at one end could flip you off the end on which you were sitting if he went down fast and you went up in the air fast. There were monkey rings in which you could twist your arms out of their sockets if you did aerial somersaults.

The most diabolic piece of equipment in the playground was the iron bar jungle gym. It consisted of several iron bars joined together in box shapes of about forty centimeters to form a cube about three meters wide by three meters deep by three meters high. Many children must have slipped and smashed teeth on the bars while climbing in and out of these cubic mazes if they were being silly.

Because of the dangers associated with these various forms of playground equipment and the possibilities of being sued for injuries all the above equipment has now been removed from public playgrounds. It is sad really because when I was a child all of the above playground equipment provided hours of fun and I can’t recall anyone being injured. Maybe we were careful . Maybe we accepted the risks.If we did get hurt it was usually out fault and suing the council was unheard of.

So no. The game of tag should not be banned on school grounds. I would insist though that every child and parent be given a one hundred page contract to read and sign beforehand explaining all the rules for safe conduct of the game and dismissing all rights to sue the school. The children would only be allowed to play while supervised by an adult in the ratio of three children to one adult and no children would be allowed unless wrapped in two layers of cotton wool.

Safety first.