Children will definitely need some supplies to do good work in school.  As they grow older, they will need more pencils, paper, school boxes, but that’s probably based on the grades they’re in.  The following supplies are just the basics that the schoolchildren will need.

*Book bags

It’s a good idea for students to own book bags.  They need them to carry their books, supplies, and homework.  You can let the children pick their favorite bags, whether it has to do with size, their favorite cartoon character, or color. 

*Number-two pencils

Students use them every day in class.  They need them for writing, quizzes, tests, and much more.  Children should have enough pencils that will last for several weeks, perhaps having those being leftover for others who forget them.  The pencils in general should be old-fashioned number twos, made of wood, and not mechanical.  When the students need to sharpen their pencils, then can either use the school sharpener or purchase a new sharpener for their own.

*Notebook paper

This is a must-have for older children.  Basically, they can purchase some paper to put into their folders, where it’s safe for keeping.  Spiral-bound books that are used for writing journals are welcome, too.  Again, it’s wise for children to bring enough to share with others needing something to write on.    


Elementary students will need their own crayons for art and other projects at school.  Many schools request regular crayon boxes.  It wouldn’t be fair if someone purchased a 64-crayon box just to show off; twelve or twenty-four crayons will do.


Some teachers might provide rulers, but let the children have their own.  They can use it to not only to get assistance in measuring, but for drawing such fine lines.  Some rulers do break, so they should be used with care.

*School box

Practically anything else children will need for classwork can be placed in their school box.  School boxes are meant for keeping scissors, extra pencils, erasers, glue, crayons, and more.  The children can just leave them in their desks during the school year, replacing old supplies with new ones.

These are just some of the supplies children should have for school.  There are other items that are important; calculators are one example.  By having proper items for school and having a positive attitude, children will do a good job with their work.