Supplies your Child will need for School

The most important things to make sure your child has for his/her first day at school is:
1.) A nice breakfast at the table, so the children can enjoy talking about how excited they are.
2.) Make sure that your children dress for success (learning attitude). It works wonders. The clothes do not have to be new, but they should be clean, no stains, no wrinkles, no holes, etc.
3.) Be sure to take special attention to speak to your children about Deodorant, Brushing teeth, Mouthwash, Cologne, Hair gel, Hair ties, and bows, etc. Note: Parents please consider if your little girl is starting to change into a little lady, thus making a need for a beginner bra. Although most little girls will not need one, there are some that do and do not need to be embarrassed. 4.) If hair needs cut, try to get it cut about a week before school starts. It will be great looking on their special day.
5.) Be sure to tell them how good they look. This will build them up in self confidence. It is important that parents do build their child’s self esteem and confidence.
The world to these children can be a scary place. Some children have some very ugly attitudes and words that hurt other children. This pain does stay with the children no matter what others claim that old saying, sticks and stones break the bones but words will never hurt you. Wrong!
6.) Last on the list but the most important thing: Tell them you love them and hug them good-bye. Those parents that have to go to work should leave their children a letter before they go. A special little note takes hardly any time but will comfort the heart on the first day and will be remembered forever.
Once you have completed number 5 and 6, you have given your child the best that you could get them for their first day.

When children start school it is hard to know what the school is going to allow as well as disapprove of. So it maybe a smart move to check with the school. Every school is different and classroom is different. Do not go by last year’s list because the teacher may have changed or decided that something should not be allowed. I can remember one year, I bought trappers. When school started my children were told by children. In fact, one child who always had a nasty comment for everyone, looked at my son, and then asked him if he could read. Then turned a laughed saying he needed to go to kindergarten to learn to read, because he didn’t follow the list he was suppose to have read. We were new to the town and did not know that larger schools did not allow some of the things the little country school did.