Teacher tips: The importance of documenting unacceptable student conduct

A teacher is a lot like a manager in the way that they are expected to lead. They are expected to guide young lives, and help them learn and grow throughout the time in which school is their main career. Just like in any job though, there are some people who simply get out of line from time to time. Just like when you are work and you have to document bad behavior, you should sometimes document bad behavior of your students.

The reasons for documenting the bad behavior of students is for the same reasons that you would document the behavior of your subordinates. However, the reason that you document is that you don’t have a higher up boss to go to, but you do have the parents of the children to report to. If a child says that he or she got in trouble and the teacher says there was cause for it, there should be documentation of that as proof.

If there is a paper trail of bad behavior, it can be a lot easier to establish that you have been correct in your action to discipline the child. In this era where parents are more involved, and lawsuits can be thrown around a lot easier, you want to be protected. If you aren’t careful you could find yourself being documented for behavior that could cast a bad light on yourself as a teacher.

Students do act out a lot worse toward teachers than they used to in the past. You hear stories all the time about students attacking teachers, and then they end up in court. Granted, the courts will usually take the words of teachers over the words of a student almost any day of the week, it can’t hurt to have some paperwork showing that there was a history of bad behavior.

No kid is going to say that they deserved the punishment that they got for being bad in class. They will always try to run to mommy and daddy if they can get away with it. With parents being so busy these days it might be easier to just assume the child is right, and not really spend the time fighting with their kids because they might feel as if it isn’t really an issue anyway.

There are many reasons to document bad behavior in the classroom. Proof is a huge asset to have when you are fighting your case, and if you have a good case against a student, you can fight any case that is brought against you. It’s up to you, but having that paper trail is a good thing to have.